Why WordPress to use for your blog websites

Why WordPress to use for your blog websites

Why WordPress to use for your blog websites

Information | ThemesLay | August 31, 2021

Whenever I start building a website or blog, a question comes that why should I use WordPress. Why do I have to use WordPress compared to other alternatives? If you also want to find answers to these questions, then you are at the right place.

Why WordPress to use for your blog websites here we need to know that we have blogged and why blogging is increasing rapidly nowadays. Sometime back till the 90’s, we had very few options for gathering information and there used to be very limited information on the internet too. But as the Internet expanded and new companies joined the Internet, blogging also emerged. Actually, when everyone was publishing their website and publishing it on the Internet, then some website came in the market, which started giving the facility to the people to publish any information on their website for free. So in this way people got a way to publish their ideas without any cost and at the same time there was a competition among the users to publish more and more content. This is how blogging came into vogue in the beginning.


New Decade of blogging

Blogging has completely changed in the current time and situation. In today’s era when everyone is turning to social media sites and millions of people spend their time on sites like Facebook, Twitter. Even then the importance of the blog has not decreased but has increased even more. At this time, many new options are available to the users, using which they can also create a very good blog of their own. In which there are some free platforms like Blogger, Tumbler and Medium which are very much in trend today and are used platforms as well as very popular among bloggers. There are millions of users on these platforms who are running their own blog as well as there are millions of traffic on these platforms.

Which options can you use & why WordPress to use for your blog

We will tell you which platforms you can use for your blog and who is the first choice of people for blogging. By the way, you can use any of the above mentioned free of cost platforms according to your need, out of which blogger is at the top of this list, but today 43% of the word website which has it is WordPress.

The only reason why WordPress to use for your blog and website and blog is because WordPress is free and open source content management software in which you can design your blog or website using free and premium themes. Along with this, with the help of many free and paid plugins, you can complete your necessary tasks and appear on the top of the search engine listings.


WordPress is the number one choice for blogger

Now we tell you about the specifics of WordPress in a little detail so that you can decide why you should choose WordPress for your blog or website. With WordPress, you can create any kind of website, that too without knowing the code. You can design a site from simple to complex. You can create a professional blog and website with thousands of premium themes available. In which you will not need any designer and developer. You will be able to create a large and important website for important and large audiences with WordPress. Working on WordPress is very easy and convenient.

Some Websites That Use WordPress

The assumption about WordPress is that it is only for creating blogs, whereas it is not so that WordPress can be used from simple websites to E Commerce websites. Here we are giving a list of some websites in which WordPress is used.

  • Blogs
  • Corporate websites
  • Design a Portfolios
  • Forums
  • ECommerce sites
  • Membership sites
  • Galleries
  • Personal websites for self-promotion
  • Business Directories
  • NGO websites for collecting donations
  • Coupon sites

and much more


Plugins do all kinds of work

With thousands of easy-to-install plugins available, you can create contact forms, lead collect forms, create subscriptions, as well as create backups of your site. Apart from this, whatever your requirement is, the plugins made for WordPress help you in doing it.

At the same time, you can easily integrate tools like Search Engine Optimizing Tool, Google Analytical Tool, Mail chimp on your blog very easily. With the help of tools like WordPress website builder, you can design your website in any way without any coding knowledge. You can turn your site into an online store with woo commerce. You can show your products and services to the entire world. Whatever you sell, with a customized E commerce platform, you can open your shop and make your business a global identity.


Quick Start Powerful Website Building Feature

Your website and blog are just the beginning, with the services and tools of WordPress, you can start this journey. Here are some quick steps to get you started –

  • Build a strong website and blog
  • Get started for free or set your own budget
  • Use advanced customization, security, and search engine tools
  • Add a Custom Domain to Your Location on the Web
  • Choose any plan according to you from WordPress
  • Choose from hundreds of customized, mobile friendly, fast, friendly support themes OR you can buy best quality premium themes from themeforest.net or templatemonster.com 
  • And thus welcome to the largest community of online publishers

WordPress has millions of users. WordPress Reader helps them find you – and lets you read exciting new ones. Automatically send new posts to Twitter, Facebook and other social media websites, and add social tools to help readers share.With this you can increase the traffic of your blog, which will be very beneficial for you.


According to the description given above, you must have got the answer of why you should use WordPress for blogs. The conclusion is that WordPress is today’s open source blogging platform. With thousands of plugins and themes, you can find the solution to your every need. The community of WordPress is so big. If you ever face any problem then you will get its solution within minutes. You can customize anything according to your need. Without any coding knowledge you can make your own professional website with better performance. On WordPress, you can make money online by creating a great blog with low setup and maintenance cost.

If you also want to create your own WordPress website, then we are here to help you. We will tell you how to create a WordPress website.

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