Great news! An easy alternative to Adobe Illustrator

Great news! An easy alternative to Adobe Illustrator

Great news! An easy alternative to Adobe Illustrator

Graphic Design, Information | ThemesLay | June 3, 2024

This is undoubtedly the right guide for people, who are looking for faster and better ways to design their projects. The performance of Adobe Illustrator is definitely far from the only answer. Thanks to frontier technologies, there are more and more brands to compete with the aforementioned well-established pioneer in the market. Whether you don’t have endless financial means on your budget balance or just would like to avoid this eternity-like learning curve, Amadine is a new vector graphics app to change your perspectives.

Why is this product so astonishing according to dozens of satisfied customers’ and experts’ reviews? It is high time to check it out. Let’s get deeper into the topic!

How the Quality of Graphics Applications Is Defined

When it comes to estimating the best product for multiple design properties, the first task to understand is what criteria influence the final score. There are quite a few performance aspects to consider:

  • The user-friendly layout is a must-have feature for modern programs. It can be compromised only when the overall functionality is gorgeous, as in the case of Adobe Illustrator. If you are tired of climbing its highs though, the mountains of Amadine are less extreme yet not less picturesque. The myriads of video tutorials and guides will simplify the learning curve with Amadine.
  • Experts analyze how varied the features are to create a layout and adjust it to end users’ goals. The variety of instruments to work with text, fonts, images, and other aspects of typical printing material or web design projects.
  • The capacities of import and export play a huge role in the ranking of this or that program. Applications like Amadine and Adobe Illustrator have neck-and-neck competition from this perspective.

Adobe Illustrator vs. Amadine

There are several common and distinctive features, which these programs offer. The reason for searching for Adobe Illustrator alternatives lies in its imperfection. The number of users, who aren’t ready to tolerate this software space hog and complicated navigation, keeps on increasing.

Both of the analyzed programs are vector drawing apps, enticing designers with their image quality and sustainability. Contrary to its rival, Amadine is distinguished by a more well-thought-out and multifaceted interface.

The Basic Performance

This solution is designed by the BeLightSoftware team, which has already transformed into a unique and influential trendsetter in the industry. Their new vector graphics app is one of the services you can opt for to improve your design skills. Its authentic toolkit is represented by a huge bunch of features and functions, namely, over thirty of them.

Don’t get its user-friendliness wrong—it is an advanced product for impressive vector graphics design. On their official site, you are welcome to check how colorful and mesmerizing the projects based on their functionality are. Overall, designers experiment with charts, branding products, web design, and projects with intense attention to illustration or lettering.

Due to the ability to attach and detach the requested instruments, your menu field can be better tuned to the current project you work upon. There are also multiple view modes presented, including Retina and Outline Preview. Your zooming power is impressive as well—mind blowing six thousand and four hundred times.


Amadine is one of the most recent substitutes for the pioneer in the market. Those looking to generate beautiful vector graphics may find this technology to be the ideal option. Right now, any user can get their Apple products in exquisite equilibrium with one another and work on their projects flawlessly. The network enables interested designs to set up the Mac interface to work on computers or laptops.

Besides, this program allows working on the go thanks to its iPhone and iPad compatibility. Just imagine that you need to edit the recently submitted project urgently. Amadine is the right choice here—all that you need is just to open this software and fix the issues anywhere and anytime.

Drawing and Editing Tools

One of the prominent features to test is its Pen tool—it has never been simpler to create designs that will fit three-dimensional digital worlds so gorgeously. The advanced drawing includes several impressive features, which enable you to adjust the smallest line or separate details of a particular layout zone.

With the help of variable strokes, you can use drag-and-drop-like principles in your work. To get a precise image, there is no need to manually adjust the stroke width—the interface will let you achieve perfection in a smoother manner. If you work on a ready-made basis, it is still possible to customize it and store it in a Custom Library section on the menu.

Distinct Effects

By adding more shadows, sparkle, and deepness to the image, your creations will obviously be second to none. Glow and blur effects are extremely popular among users, and you can find notes about them in several customer reviews. Along with numerous features for sheet control, object editing, and extra technological backup (such as the compatibility with the two generations of Apple Pencil and 64-bit Architecture), this program entices designers with more appealing functions.

It is considered a new vector drawing app not only thanks to its year of establishment. The collection of features and tools is regularly updated. For instance, the opportunity to proceed with boolean manipulations is on the list now (you can find it as the Fusion tool). The opportunity to pick up the best tone for the whole picture or its separate elements in one touch is breathtaking.

The Takeaway

All in all, it is always reasonable to check what the market offers and whether there are new alternatives for such giant solutions as Adobe Illustrator. With Amadine, you will forget about boring routines in designing and develop a new approach to creating masterpieces. Its technological basis is insane, which provides the best support for your first or more experienced steps in the industry. Feel free to visit the platform and test its free trial—practice skills to try and the achieved results will speak for themselves.

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