Localhost to live server WordPress migration: Guide

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Localhost to live server WordPress migration

Localhost to live server WordPress migration: Guide

 ThemesLay |  November 7, 2021 |  Leave a comment

Creating a website is great for fast development locally. You can test your website by making any secure changes. It is very helpful in your business. Once you are completely satisfied with the website design, you can transfer it to the live-server. It sounds daunting but it is a simple process. Here I will tell […]

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Top 5 Best and Cheap Web Hosting Providers

 ThemesLay |  September 18, 2021 |  Leave a comment

When you start a new website, the first thing you need to do is to get best and cheap web hosting provider. We told you about web hosting and domain name for your website┬áin our post. It is a very important task to choose a good hosting and not to fall in the trap of […]

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Web hosting and Domain Name for your website

 ThemesLay |  September 16, 2021 |  Leave a comment

In this era of online, you must have heard the name of web hosting and domain name often from people. In short a domain name is the permanent address of a website on the Internet, whereas web hosting is the place to host it. After creating a website, we need some basic things to make it […]

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