Web hosting and Domain Name for your website


Web hosting and Domain Name for your website

Information | ThemesLay | September 16, 2021

In this era of online, you must have heard the name of web hosting and domain name often from people. In short a domain name is the permanent address of a website on the Internet, whereas web hosting is the place to host it. After creating a website, we need some basic things to make it accessible to the public. In which comes web hosting and domain name.

Web Hosting in Simple terms

Your website is made up of a lot of content like images, videos, text, icons. Initially this website is kept on the computer. You will be able to access this website only with the help of local computer. While other users cannot access it. For this, you have to keep your website on a computer that is always connected to the Internet. Such a computer is easily available to every user. This type of computer is called a server. The companies that manage their group are called web hosting providers.

Domain Name in Simple terms

The address of your website on the Internet and the name that helps people to find it is called a domain name. Examples of domain names like google.comfacebook.com and thamesley.com

You should choose a easy to remember and suitable name for your website, only by this name the users will be able to find your website easily. To buy a domain name, you need to register it with the domain registrar.

Everyone needs web hosting and domain name

Web hosting and domain name are often bought together but they are both different things. You can also buy these two separately. Without domain name and web hosting, your site cannot be publish. If You Want Your Business To Grow Fast You Will Need A Secure, Fast And Stable Web Host provider. A good hosting provider can also make it easy to manage your site optimally so that your online customers have a great experience. Although there are dozens of web host providers at present, we would recommend you to prioritize low cost and high quality.

Web hosting services type

Free and cheap web hosting plans are fine in the startup phase of your online business. As your business grows your web hosting needs also grow and become more complex. Let us highlight the plans for some common types of web hosting. Which will determine which one best suits your business needs. Whether you are starting your online business or looking to take your online business to the next level. Although there are many types of web hosting, but the most popular of them are the following –

Shared Web Hosting

In a shared hosting plan, all the domains share the same server resources, so the cost is relatively low. You’ll find many useful tools in shared hosting plans like WordPress website building tools and emailing tools to customers. If your website is at initial stage or your website does not get a lot of traffic then shared hosting plan would be a better option for you.

VPS Web Hosting

VPS hosting means virtual private server web hosting which is a hosting between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. In VPS Hosting Each website is hosted within its own location on the server. Although it shares a physical server with other users. VPS private servers share a physical server but act as separate servers. Each VPS shares hardware resources yet is allocated a separate piece of computing equipment. The price of VPS hosting plan is determined on the CPU and memory you get. This is great for websites that need more control but don’t need a dedicated server. It is still unable to handle a lot of traffic.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated servers are one of the most expensive web host options. They are generally used by websites that are handling very high levels of traffic. Along with this, a high level of technical expertise is also required to run the dedicated server. When you have a dedicated server, it means that you are renting a physical server from a hosting company. Dedicated server gives more control to the website owner. A dedicated server is usually the highest level of servers that you will need if you and your business are receiving a lot of traffic.

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud hosting technology is the core of today’s technology industry. More and more big companies are currently using cloud hosting technology. Cloud hosting technology is a kind of multiple computers working together to jointly run a website or application using computing processing tools. Applications placed in cloud hosting use a variety of resources that are housed in several different cloud servers but are linked together. If ever the cloud server of your website goes down, then it is changed and transferred to another server so that your site never goes down.

One of the benefits of cloud hosting is that it is scalable. This means if initially there is not much process on your site then you will have to pay only for the resources required to handle that current process but as the traffic on your site increases then your resources will also become scalable And you will have to pay the bill according to the updated means. If you see a bright future for your website, you should buy cloud hosting.

Managed Web Hosting

As the name suggests, managed hosting companies provide this service on their own from server management to security. In which, from the hardware and software setup of the server, to hackers attacks and provide all technical services like maintenance. With Manage Hosting, you will be responsible for the hosting provider, from maintaining the server and maintaining day-to-day backups. You will not have to put any management in it in any way.

Colocation Web hosting

Colocation hosting is where you rent a rake space from the data center. In this you have to install your own hardware and the colocation service provides it with power, coolness, physical security and internet uplink. This means that you yourself are responsible for any work related to the server and if the hardware fails then it will be your responsibility to replace and backup it. It is not suitable for everyone as it requires very high level of technical knowledge.

Which of these hosting will you need, you can take any one plan according to your requirement and as described by us above. Now the next question comes from where to go for hosting. This is a new topic, we will discuss it in our upcoming post Top 5 Best & Cheap Web Hosting Providers

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