Website design ideas where you find inspiration


Website design ideas where you find inspiration

Inspiration | ThemesLay | September 22, 2021

Here we have gathered some of the best website design ideas to get you started with the right hand and get those web design ideas flowing. Creating a website for your business can be a major challenge; There is a lot of pressure to create the best reflection of your company digitally. You think of your homepage as a virtual storefront. Like the homepage is the front door. If you want your website to be aesthetically good enough to invite users, then do take a look at the web ideas we have mentioned. Then watch an eye-catching web design help you do just that.

But there is much more to great website design than just that. Before we look at some great website design ideas, let’s look at the basics of what makes a good website. This blog will help you in finding new ideas for website design and how to implement them. We will provide you with basic guidelines and also let you find more techniques and bring more creativity to your existing work website design.

Recommendation Widgets

I know, I say that this is a must because no website will begin without the recommendation widget. All we need to do is look up the examples. How long have you know you have to have this tool? Yes, this type of widget is easily integrated with almost any web design. They were already implemented in recommendation pages that have been built online.

Recommendation website

One feature which is an integral part of recommendation websites is a subscription. And just like in the good old days, use this to decide what you should subscribe to, and what you should not. It will also help in creating a better database so that you can weed out those people who are just spammy.

Subscription feature

They are in your site’s code. It is just a reality that nowadays we mostly use social networks and recommend each other. Therefore, we can’t find all the feedback in the database as currently, we rely a lot on a system that still has a long way to go. Subscription will help in building a personal story for you where you can post details about your interactions with other users and see if you want to be on there or not.


I have seen so many ways where social media sites like Pinterest take us from just being content producers to being content consumers. But let’s not forget that the world of online content and content marketing has been around since long ago. If we use the language, commenting, liking and answering have been ongoing for a long time. The smart use of social media can take it to a level that we don’t think exists.

Content consumption

Speaking of social media, there have been too many articles about this topic on this blog. Maybe there is some value to them, but again, the way we categorize content is still a mess. Sometimes it is easier to get a huge mass of people to subscribe to a new Instagram account than it is to have a personal connection with that person. Therefore, we should be putting more effort into social networks. I am not talking about friend-related networking and so on, but the broader kinds of social networking.

Definitive network

So what I want to do is not define network at all, and I also don’t care much about integrating social networks with other components of the content marketing mix. I am going to let the social media network cater itself to the specific needs of the customers. And I am going to lead with experiences and make sure the people who want to consume the content look at the best quality. This is what I like about this concept and I’m glad to see Pinterest use it in place of advertising.

Content marketing

You still have not figured out why you should use media by using information. From what I have mentioned to you, you have a good idea of what you should use for it.

People don’t necessarily click on media anymore. The majority of their browsing activity is natural. But the priority of our sales pitch still comes from the top. This often stems from the bottom and is hard to pull through to the top because it’s built from a solid foundation of how things are implemented.

Content marketing is the purpose of marketing. You are your best representation of yourself as your brand. Create great content and make sure that the stories told are authentic and valuable. Your offer isn’t a bill or a low price. It is the value you provide. Everything else should be secondary.

Repeatable strategy

If you want to build and scale your company, which requires real money and limited resources, it is not easy. However, we have seen social media communities and communities develop tremendously in the last few years. That makes the work of becoming a member of those communities easier. So if we have access to information, follow the social media communities, and position our stories in the right way. It is the only way to connect with the right people at the right time in the right place.

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Keep your eye on the website design ideas

Working as a web designer requires a lot of creativity, skill, personal and professional development. People who see the world in a new way are masters at finding hidden patterns out of nowhere. Every seemingly unrelated events make connections between, and generate solutions, they will thus always remain competitive in our dynamic world. Whenever I’m struggling with an eye-catching website design, I look to some resources to get my creativity flowing again. Following is a list of favorite websites used to find website design ideas.

1. Templatemonster


It is a platform selling pre-made designs. This can be a good idea to get inspiration for website design. Template Monster is a great place to see templates based on platform, industry, and features to see how content can fit into your design.

2. Pinterest


With Pinterest you can collect visual material that you think will help your project or give you a new direction. Pinterest is a great tool for creating design boards.

The Pinterest board will serve as your design inspiration. You can also share your design ideas with your customers or collaborators so that they too can provide feedback on your content.

3. Dribbble


The world’s best designers showcase their designs at Dribbble. It can be web apps, icons, illustrations and anything else. You can use it for general inspiration. Very nice designs are found here.

4. Behance


This is Adobe’s website which is very similar to Dribbble. This is the place for designers to showcase their portfolio. In this the world’s high quality designer works are published.

5. Awwwards


This website awards web designers, developers and agencies from around the world for their creative work. They have a huge and searchable collection of web design examples. Additionally, there is a blog where they detail the design and a section where you can vote on the nominees of the month site. It’s all high quality and really inspiring for you.

6. Themeforest


You can add business themes, website templates and more for any of your projects. Discover CMS products that inspire you to push your design boundaries.

Whether it is available on the platform for you to buy or not, Themeforest offers a phenomenal range of different designs, styles which are great sources for inspiration.



Find the best web design inspiration, unique websites, photography projects and visual arts, as well as opinions and articles, from design experts on the web and around the world. Muzli delivers cutting-edge design projects and news instantly every time you open a new tab in your browser.

8. Designspiration


The masonry grid system makes it easy to view multiple designs at once on Designspiration. You can search it several ways to find what you are looking for. In this you will get to see popular designs.

Wrap up Website Design Ideas

There are many reasons why you can feel stuck on a project. Maybe your recent client is extraordinarily unclear about what they want and you have no idea where to start. Or, perhaps, you feel burned out and apathetic after working long hours without stopping. Or, it could be that you are designing websites for the same type of customers with no opportunity to exercise your creativity.

Whatever the reason, it’s quite normal to feel stuck when your job is to be creative. Discover where and how to get new website design ideas. But, as long as you have a process in place to help generate new web design ideas, you will be able to overcome the obstacles you face.

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