Website Design – all about web design you must know


Website Design – all about web design you must know

Information | ThemesLay | September 21, 2021

Website design is where you decide what your site’s fonts are, what layout you want, what homepage you want, and how you want people to find you. This is when you start controlling your own web design, that you will be able to decide how people get to you. However, your users will have to know this about your website so that you can get ahead of your competitors in the market. So, the following lists some ways you can give your website design the finish it deserves so that people find you and become users of your website.

The things you need to know to create a website design. If you are interested in web design, then you are a creative people. And you’re so excited about building your first website. Web design is an art and it is a bit difficult to create a functional piece of it. There is a pattern of every art in it like creative portrait design, writing design, which you need to know properly. It is important to have knowledge of the combination of HTML, CSS and Java Script. But you can start here. Now that you are wondering where to start and what you need to know, this post is here to help you.



Getting a detailed picture about what you want your website to look like is a good start because everyone has different tastes for how they want the website to look. You can start from where you want your website to look like, which is the marquee, the navigation menus, and the main page. You have the option of choosing one option for each; also can create other configurations too. Make this a point to test out all of the combinations because you never know what your users might like so make the most out of each configuration.

Use CSS for Website Design

CSS is what makes websites look so beautiful. Many websites feature CSS depending on how they want to use your website. You can add anything to your website by using CSS and CSS2, but if your website is not going to run on laptops, try to stick to something that will work for them. You can even make changes to your CSS based on other people’s sites, you can adapt CSS for a new website. Try to design your CSS so that it is as wide as possible to make it easy for people to see your website. Bootstrap, Bulma and Foundation are the mostly used website design css framework.

Geometric Design

Geometric design is a type of website layout that can be adapted to support different websites and be optimized for their needs. You can use simple CSS to build your websites, and you can also incorporate complicated CSS in your website to improve your designs. You can use CSS3 to make the layout of your website even more simple. Overall, using CSS is a good idea for your website because it will make your content look more beautiful.


How you create your website will have a big impact on how people find you. So, you have to make sure your website is very visible for your users. You should also make sure your layout is useful to your users so that they can find you and the information you provide.

Website Design Platforms


Choosing a website design platform is a major decision that needs to be made. You can go with a traditional website design platform. These platforms offer a full arsenal of features, including previewing, dynamic design, responsive designs, and customized landing pages. They are also feature rich, and you can use their services without knowing much about any of them.

It is important to choose the platform that is going to give you the best results for your designs. So, when you choose a software, you are getting the most flexibility and the ability to get help with your designs from the best designers.

Dynamic Design

Dynamic designs are one of the hottest trends in website design, and you are not guaranteed a basic website with static components because not everything will function like that. It is important to understand the things that dynamic websites have in common. They include more open options, new ways of handling information, new properties, and so on. Dynamic websites will have some of those features that are better for a given audience.

Mobile Web

One of the most important features you want to introduce your users to is the possibility of using your website on a mobile device. There are already millions of people using our web from a mobile device, and we want them to use our websites more. So, we want to make sure we build mobile friendly websites so that our mobile users can find our products easier.

Intrusion Avoidance

This feature is used to reduce the amount of information about your website that is being found in search engines. The purpose of this feature is to reduce the amount of content the search engines can retrieve to remove the possibility of malware using content retrieval techniques.

Visitor or Traffic

Page Views are the numbers of users who have seen your website in one visit. The higher the number, the more popular your website is. So, if you focus on page views, your users are going to come more often, and they are going to be more likely to return. Also, the more valuable your website is to your users, the more page views you are going to get. This is something you can measure to check how much your website is getting. However, the most important thing you should get from the counting and counting you are doing is the number of visits to your website. The more page views you have, the more people are going to come to your website, and they are going to.

Find inspiration from trending website design


You keep getting information about the latest trends in website design through different websites. Here we tell you about the best website from where you can get information about the latest trends of web design going on in the market. You just add these websites to your bookmarks.

Pinterest is a great place to find great designs these days. You can find graphic, magazine cover, emailer, blog design, and other designs.

Awwwards : The best website themes are present in the awards. World’s Best and World’s Best Winning Website Group.

Behance and Dribbble is a collection of creative projects to reach out to people. Where the focus is on quality and creativity. It provides a platform to get feedback and share your work with others.

ThemesLay website design for begin

Learning website design is no longer the time to code that complex front-end. These days you don’t even have to rely on a developer to make your designs come true. Today, there are many platforms with the help of which you can design a great website by drag and drop. And you can design, build and launch complex websites in just a few hours.

You can also make your professional website through us. Please visit ThemesLay Website Design Service. In which you will not have to give any of your extra efforts and time. And you can focus all your time on marketing and how to increase your website traffic.

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