The Fastest WordPress Themes: 10 Choices That Will Never Let You Down


The Fastest WordPress Themes: 10 Choices That Will Never Let You Down

Inspiration | ThemesLay | September 28, 2021

Website load speed is a dominant factor in UX, conversion, and SEO in 2021. For this reason, it is essential to pay attention to the fastest WordPress themes when it comes to choosing your perfect option.

The loading speed of every WordPress theme affects multiple behavioral factors. These include how long a person stays on the site and the number of users who decide to leave it as quickly as possible. Fast sites have a higher conversion rate. In addition to this, the success of promotion in search engines depends on the speed. In other words, Google takes into account your site load time.

What do you get with the fastest WordPress themes?

  1. To begin with, to interact with the site, it needs to work. What an obvious thing!  Imagine that you are an owner of a company. Unfortunately, your website pages are loading slowly. Alas, many sites are often unavailable during peak periods. One of the most self-evident examples is a Black Friday sale time. Remember that many of your competitors have already prepared for these peak times. Therefore, you should take better care of the site speed.
  2. Do you know that speeding up your site can bring you additional income? Amazon and Walmart have confirmed the fact that seconds matter. Even an acceleration of 10-20% has a tangible effect.
  3. Now let us imagine that you want to choose a product in an online store. After this, you face the fact that you have problems loading the checkout page? What will you do? Will you buy something from this store? We are not entirely sure about that. The same thing is possible in terms of your clients. As a result, it becomes crucial to increase your site loading speed.
  4. A fast site is perceived better. Have you noticed how infuriating the site is when it slows you down at every step? What will you do in this case? Everything is clear. You will leave and never come back again.

It is time to check out WordPress themes best that will solve some problems in terms of speed. Thanks to them, it will be possible to reach more customers and boost your traffic.

Top 10 Fastest WordPress Theme: Which One Will You Choose?

Have a look at the themes given below

EightyDays – Travel Blog WordPress Theme


Are you looking for an elegant and memorable theme for your travel blog? With this option (that is not only eye-catching but also powerful, you will be ready to present your experiences and memories in the best possible way. A fully-responsive design will delight your audience. It gives people a chance to browse your site using any modern device. Furthermore, pay attention to the availability of a one-click installation. It will definitely save you time. If you are worried about a lack of special programming skills, forget about this. This theme is perfect for those looking for a straightforward customization process.

Main features:

  • gallery functionality;
  • Instagram footer;
  • social media  integration;
  • contact form;
  • post categories.

Details | Demo

SRK – One Page Parallax WordPress Theme


Now we are ready to talk about a versatile one-page theme that we have found among the fastest WordPress themes. It is ideal for many types of businesses. Its package comes together with an excellent Visual Composer. In our opinion, it will become your reliable assistant in working with the appearance of the site and its content. Drag and drop all the necessary elements to different pages and get the site of your dreams. It is also worth mentioning that it includes a superb Parallax effect. It will attract more attention and appeal to many of your visitors.

Main features:

  • fully-responsive design;
  • drop-down menu;
  • Google maps;
  • background video;
  • section for your team members.

Details | Demo | Download for Free in MonsterONE

Lily – Clean & Elegant Blog WordPress Theme


Lily is another impressive theme that also deserves a place of honor among the fastest WordPress themes. It is a great option for everyone who is searching for something to get a minimalist-looking blog. Working with this ready-made solution starts with an installation that requires one single click. You can write a wide variety of post types. These include standard text posts and posts with pictures, slideshows, video, audio, and other content. Do not forget to add a contact form to help your audience connect with you and speak about topics that interest them.

Main features:

  • fully-responsive design;
  • sliders;
  • recent and popular posts;
  • Instagram section;
  • social integration.

Details | Demo

MediaTel – Youtube/Vimeo Video News Aggregator Magazine WordPress Theme


Another stunning theme that will leave an impression on those who need to present video content on the Internet. It includes a marvelous tool called Visual Composer. It will help you work with your content and change the site appearance in accordance with your wishes and ideas. Without a doubt, a video-based online project requires a fully-responsive design. The creators have not left you without such a crucial characteristic. Your audience will be ready to view the site both on mobile devices and laptops. You will also find Google Fonts and Google Maps in the package.

Main features:

  • one-click installation process;
  • social media integration;
  • categories;
  • popular videos;
  • section with tags.

Details | Demo

Cleanhit – Cleaning Services WordPress Theme


Do you think it will be difficult for you to find the fastest WordPress templates for the presentation of cleaning services? You do not need to make any effort, because a high-quality choice has already found you. It includes two home page options, and each of them is unique. Moreover, the package has 20 additional pages that will allow describing your services in detail. To edit them, you can turn to such editors as Gutenberg or Elementor. A straightforward dragging and dropping of elements are suitable for those who are not familiar with the sphere of programming.

Main features:

  • three portfolio options;
  • three page options for presenting your team members;
  • three page options for services;
  • one-click installation process;
  • Parallax effect.

Details | Demo

Adit – Blogging Made Easy WordPress Theme


The fastest WordPress themes can delight you with quite an impressive number of blogging themes. Here is another option that will not leave many users indifferent. It would be smart to start with the fact that it has a fully-responsive design. It is exactly what you need to increase visitors because most people use mobile devices to view sites. You can also choose among several types of homepage. Each of them has a chance to grab attention in a matter of seconds. It is possible to work with such components as header, fonts, and filters.

Main features:

  • multiple blog listings;
  • different post formats;
  • Ajax;
  • WPML compatibility;
  • simple customization process.

Details | Demo

EduPro – Education Blog WordPress Theme


A modern and creative template that is ideal for a variety of sites related to the topic of education. The package comes together with four website layouts. They will help you present all the information in an incredibly structured way. You will also get a number of additional pages. They enable creating a page to describe your courses and a gallery that will attract more potential customers. It is impossible not to mention the availability of fully-responsive design. Thanks to this function, people can get familiar with your content on multiple devices. You can also add a contact form to connect with your audience and inspire more trust.

Main functions:

Details | Demo | Download for Free in MonsterONE

  • Facebook widget;
  • Visual Composer editor;
  • various post formats;
  • RTL support;
  • many color options.

kokit – SaaS Software & Digital Agency WordPress Theme


Another professional and attractive theme that deserves to be included in the collection of the fastest WordPress themes. As you might have guessed, it will suit those interested in promoting their SaaS software. Your website will look great on both mobile devices and laptops. It became possible, thanks to the powerful fully-responsive design. In addition to this, you will find an incredibly popular Elementor Page Builder. It allows modifying many components of your online project without any programming expertise.

Main functions:

  • three home page options;
  • contact form compatibility;
  • one-click installation;
  • WooCommerce pages;
  • social media integration.

Details | Demo

Garden Master WordPress Theme


Now we bring to your attention a modern theme for a bright presentation of such a niche as gardening. Let us get down to business right away and talk about its main characteristics. The package includes three home page options. We are pretty sure that everyone will find something to their liking. Furthermore, you can also use two variations of the blog page to get more attention. A marvelous WooCommerce functionality will give you a chance to sell different products or services right on the site.

Main functions:

  • Visual Composer editor;
  • Revolution Slider;
  • WPML compatibility;
  • contact form;
  • advanced search.

Details | Demo

Doctor Wilson – WordPress Theme


We almost forgot to mention at least one theme that will give a chance to promote different niches related to medicine. This minimalistic option will allow you to create a website to present both a hospital and a doctor with individual practice. Like other fastest WordPress templates in the collection, this ready-made solution has a fully-responsive design. This means that you can not worry about the appearance of your site on different devices. It is also compatible with Revolution Slider. It enables presenting some news or offers.

Main functions:

  • section with your team members;
  • WPML compatibility;
  • doctor profiles;
  • different types of posts;
  • social integration.

Details | Demo

A Few Words in Conclusion

Speed ​​is one of the decisive criteria for determining a high website quality. The traffic of your online project directly depends on its speed. Nobody wants to waste precious minutes waiting for a particular page to load. Therefore, you should definitely choose something from this small selection that includes the fastest WordPress templates. All in all, you will be ready to add your content and avoid major design issues. You can also save your time because all you have to do is choose a ready-made solution that you like in terms of look and functionality. Do not forget that the Internet is always ready to provide you with free WordPress themes best for various purposes. We would also like to draw your attention to our special promo code “themeslay“. It will give you a chance to buy the fastest WordPress templates at a 7% discount. Thanks for reading!

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