Free Templates for Email Marketing and email mailing guide


Free Templates for Email Marketing and email mailing guide

Emailer Design | ThemesLay | March 17, 2022

Email marketing is the campaign of sending emails and sending promotional messages to targeted clientele. So the fact that all your offers are now sent digitally makes it cheaper to send letters over the internet. This is also known as spam if it is not related to the targeted audiences. Here we discuss about free templates for email marketing and email mailing guide so that you can easily use them to your requirement.

As a guide, we shall start by answering a few important questions about email marketing and sending emails. and then we will explore different methods of email marketing.

The most common people who send emails

To answer our question we will look at industries such as sports and music. Where the primary target will be young people who consume music and watch sports to sell products and services. In these industries, email campaigns can create a very strong emotional bond with the audience, but there have been also many general email campaigns that target many customers.

Benefits and demerits of email marketing

Email marketing uses the internet to engage your customer and slowly build trust. It could also increase the purchase intention of the customer because of the constant friendship and communication. By removing the barriers of conversation, customers can easily get a first-hand understanding of a brand. However, you can also be accused of spamming by sending messages to a customer when they are not interested.

Furthermore, emails carry certain traceability. And when you send marketing content, the customer can see that some other marketing content is also sent to them. If the emailer is not happy with this group or if a business happens to be hurt by spam messages sent to its customers. You have to find a way to your emails and push them to a server that can keep things private.

You also need to deal with the fact that because email messages are online, there are very strong spying powers, so if someone gets a message via email and tries to replicate it, they will always get a duplicate which can be difficult to block but can also lead to fines.

Major pitfalls to email marketing

Email marketing is another form of social media marketing, that has its dangers. Firstly, emails can be misinterpreted or used as a form of spam, so you should be aware of this as you choose what messages to send to your audience. Secondly, competitors can use email marketing to make false brand statements, so you should make it your goal to prove your brand and do not to provide false advertising. Thirdly, just as traditional forms of advertising do not consider that they are getting any information from an email, people can and do, take out an ad by creating spam and sending it to their customers. Finally, having personal emails and using their families’ emails to continue relationships with consumers can also be a loss-leader for the brand.

Why are email marketing services important for e-commerce?

There are a large number of e-commerce sites, where customers are spending a huge amount of time online, so email marketing is an important piece of the total marketing puzzle. This is a form of marketing that works well in e-commerce because it is easy to use and is invisible. If a customer visits the website she or he can still know you, and if a purchase is made, you can verify that the message to them is genuine. This makes email marketing a very strong tool in e-commerce marketing, especially when combined with social media.

Email marketing can also act as internet of communication with other people in your targeted community. When you have your brand, you can build your community around it and trust each other’s digital lives. Without email marketing, you cannot be in touch with your online friends. The third-party can stay out of your personal life, and it might even appear as if you are targeting a specific person, therefore, creating an effective and trusted place for consumers to look for your products.

Free Templates for Email Marketing

The first thing you need to do to start your email campaign is an email template. Through which you can tell your clients about the best services in detail. Because email marketing is becoming very important these days, you will need the best email template. To establish the best relationship with your customers, you must send beautifully designed emails, for which here we are showing you some sample email templates.

This is the option from where you will be able to free download your email templates also customize your design with free templates for email marketing

Stripo – FREE Email Template Builder


Stripo is a great email design platform using which you can design emails for your campaigns for free. Its no code email builder can create email templates for any type of category. Along with this, there is also a collection of over 900 email templates available, with the help of which you can design an email in a few minutes. Create beautiful designs with no coding required with its drag-and-drop email builder Along with this, the facility of e-mail campaign testing also comes on any device, which you can easily export. If you are a mid-size companies organization then you will be able to take your email marketing strategy to a next level by getting its premium plan with its 24/7 support.

Pricing Plan

Free – $0 Lifetime Single user only

For more details

Unlayer – Free email editor


As the name suggests, Unlayer allows you to create a beautiful mobile response email in minutes without the need for any coding skills. It also comes with drag and drop feature so that you can create the best email design for your campaign by simply placing the design elements in one place. Along with this, there are many catalogs available with the help of which you will be able to start designing. Also you can integrate any popular email campaign on these templates. By using this email builder, you can save a lot of your production time and you will not need any designer or developer. Simultaneous or design comes with great flexibility which can prove to be a trump card for your organization and company’s email marketing.

Pricing Plan

Free – Just Signin

For more details

Beefree – Free online email editor


Next Email Builder is also free by which you can design beautiful emails and landing pages in a fast way. It is also a very simple drag and drop builder that supports mobile responsiveness from basic to basic. Here also there are more than 100 catalog design templates available which fall in different categories. Using which you can easily create from basic design to complex design in minutes. This too can be integrated on any email marketing platform with just one click. It is free and does not require any sign-in. One of its basic advantages is that you can also design a landing page for yourself. You design in one place and export it to any file with export functionality.

If you take the Pro version, you will get many functionalities like save for letter, copy HTML and send code directly on email clients like mailchimp, gmail in minutes.

Pricing Plan

BEE Free – Try The Editor – Free forever

For more details

TopolFREE & Beautiful html email template builder and editor


If you want to create latest features and trending email design for your company then you must use Topol Emailer Builder. By which you can save a lot of your time in designing email. It is free and no credit card is required to sign in. Just dog and drop its elements and change the images, text and call-to-action according to your requirement.

Very easy with their powerful editor. This plugin is also available which you can use on your website to send email campaign very easily. Their designs are the best according to the market, which are trending nowadays. Along with this, they also provide you with detailed documentation to make the design, through which you will not face any problem in designing.

If you ever need something that you cannot find on its free version, then you can buy its pro version. Whose price is not high, which can easily be afforded by a small and mid size corporation.

Pricing Plan

Forever FREE – No credit card required

Pro – $10/ 3 team members per month

For more details

Foundation for emails


Foundation for Email is a framework developed by the Zurb Foundation that can be used for email design. These include pre-defined blocks, using which you will be able to set the structure of your email very easily.
In this, you get a lot of resources, articles, tutorials and detailed documentation of the design. Which you can read and start using it easily. Because it is a framework, it is used to design emails faster. For this reason it designs Hundred Percent Mobile Response E-mail. Which will help you to build a great email structure in very less time.

Pricing Plan

Free – open source

try now


Apart from the above mentioned email builders, there are many free and paid email builders available in the market. Out of which you can use any of your recordings. We are here to tell you about the best and free templates for email marketing. Which is accomplished by the builders mentioned above, if you want to use any premium email template other than these, then you can see our Best Newsletter template for your email marketing for that where we have given information about premium email template.

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