Free icon websites where you can download free icon


Free icon websites where you can download free icon

Inspiration | ThemesLay | September 27, 2021

You feel the need of free icon while working in your web project. No problem, here you can download free icons for yourself from the free icon websites mentioned by us.

In today’s world of workstations, we have to be prepared for the whole world to wait for your website to load. Since setting two or three pages is not uncommon, you may need to do more preparation work beforehand. There are many ways to reduce this problem in your project. You can either find free icons from freeware sites or implement some Photoshop interface using picture and text layers. To save you from failing to build a website or blindly bringing up a website for a short period of time, you can easily look for free icons and free projects in the general scheme of things.

Free icon downloads from free icon websites

Once you’ve created a web page, you can create a free icon to adapt to your website. If you want a relevant photo of yourself, you can use it to create a caption for your logo on your project. This may take a few minutes if you are creating the beautiful icons yourself. But if you have this information where you can get free icons, you can use it to turn your web page into an impressive image. You can also use free icons when creating your logo. Many font icons is also really free!

Customize your free icons and make your own

There are lots of ways to make your icons completely your own. You can draw, change colors, add features like text, and set certain fonts to your logo. Don’t worry, you can have it all on hand by the end of next year! Plus, link designer icons to help make your website development projects more interactive. I recommend only uploading the icon on the web page. This is because people often encounter too many websites. And the icons always leave it with a unique effect that is super powerful and has a great color palette!

Free Icons How to Find Free Icons from Websites?

For any website you create, it’s a good idea to have a home page form so that you can also see your website’s directory listing and general navigation. Which will make it easier for you to navigate your website. In this way you will be able to find free icons very easily

Also, if you want to download a free icon or even edit the icons for your website. That’s why we tell you about many free icon download websites. Surely you will love the website and you can simply add free icons to your project.

1. Flat Icons


Flat Icon website has a collection of 5.5 Million vector icons and stickers. With this website you can easily save interface icons, stickers and many top trending icons in SVG, EPS, PSD, PNG and BASE 64 formats. Although there are some icons in it as premium. Flat icons are a great choice for any type of project, small or large.

2. Iconfinder


More than 5 Million icons and illustrations are available on the Icon Finder. From here you can easily search for icons and illustrations and download them in PNG and SVG formats and add them to your design. In this, you will get many icons available for free for your use. If you want more high quality icons for your project then you can also buy its premium plan.

3. Freeicons


To download free icons you can also visit a new free icon websites In this you will find Monthly Popular Icon Packs, Latest Icon Packs and Premium Icon Packs. You also will get premium icon pack in beta version. After signing up account you can download any of your icons in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, BASE 64 format.

4. Icons8


From here you can also find tools for icon illustration photos music and design. You can also get 336,000 free icons, set of vector illustrations, set of photos through this website but you will have to pay some price for it. In whose free plan you will get to download only some limited formats in lower resolution.

5. Thenounproject


With the Noun Project, you can search for over 3 million icons. In which many types of icon sets are available. Which you can use for your project. The company is growing rapidly and building a strong customer base. Here also you will get to see both types of plans but rest assured because you will get free icons for your website project here.

6. FontAwesome


Font Awesome is the name of a very old and popular icon to enter the website. Actually the font is used as a kit by converting the SVG icon as a font. Although it is available in paid plan but you can use its free icon for your business project.

7. Freepik


Free Pick is one of the best graphic designing resources website. In which you get to see a collection of illustrations, photos, PhD, as well as a set of icons. The Flat Icon website is its companion website. You can also download high quality vector icons from free pickup and use for your projects.

8. UXWing


Exclusive collection of free icons to use in your commercial projects without any attribution use UX Wing. where you will get top quality design icons in PNG and SVG Formats without any charge of course free of cost and no attribution. You can easily add their icons to your project.

9. Reshot


Reshot is a collection of free SVG icons, illustrations and photos. By which you can download the icons and use it as a commercial license. Also without any cost, attribution and worries. There is a group of 40000 plus SVG icons available which will be beneficial for you.

10. Vecteezy


Vecteezy is also a website known for good stock photos and free vector art. Although it is available through paid subscription, but there are many resources in it that you can use for free.

11. Iconmoon


Icomoon is pixel perfect icon solutions. You can download over 55,000 plus free vector icons from Icomoon. You can generate icon fonts in it and convert them to fonts by importing your own SVG icons.

12. Fontello


Fontello is also a tool to generate font icons similar to Icomoon, it has a lot of pre-built icons that you can use in your project. You can also generate your own icons, Icons font Generator is the best at this time. the most widely used tool.

let’s wrap

If seen, there are more and many more websites from where you can get more than 5 plus million icons. But when it comes to quality, this is the best quality website where you can get free icons. Out of the above mentioned websites, I myself use many websites regularly and in it I get all kinds of icons according to my need. You can feel free to use these free icon website for your own project or for any client’s project, apart from this you can also subscribe if you want to use their premium feature.If we ever find any other good free icon download website, then we will definitely add an ad to it.

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