Google My Business changed to Google Business Profile


Google My Business changed to Google Business Profile

Information | ThemesLay | November 11, 2021

Google has Google My Business changed to Google Business Profile. Recently Google in its official announcement has decided to change the name of Google My Business to Google Business Profile. Whenever you see the profile of a business in Google Map, Google Search, it is called Google My Business. Google has changed this My Business to My Business Profile. What you call a Google Business Listing will now be a Google Profile. Not that Google has done this for the first time. Even before this, Google has changed its name many times. Earlier it was called Google Local and Google Places.

Your free Google Business Profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps. involve with customers on Google for free.

The Vice President of Google Merchant Shopping has announced that he will retire the Google My Business app by 2022. Now small and medium businesses can directly search or manage their profiles on the map. So that small and medium businesses can take advantage of the enhanced experience directly on Search and Maps.

Google has announced this re-branding as well as adding new features. Now millions of business owners who were associated with Google My Business will benefit more and more from the business and their business online.

Change of name is not a new thing. But with the name comes many other changes that will affect you, your local business and your search engine optimization strategy to a great extent and will also make a big impact. Let’s look at these changes one by one and together we will talk about the impact of them.


What are the changes in Google Business Profile?

Change 01

The First Change will be about the Google My Business Dashboard. Which you access through (available at Google is going to close this dashboard for small business or for businesses that have less than 10 listings. Listing Verification, Analytics, Everything Now Available on Google Search Results Page or Directly on Google Maps App.

Change 02

Second, to manage Google My Business, you have to login with the Google ID from which you have created your business profile. And after that you have to search My Business or the name of your business and then you will see the listing of your business like this. If the listing of your business is suspended or not approved, then you will also see the options directly on the search result page.

Change 03

The third Google My Business smartphone app will be removed in 2022. All the functions of this app will be merged on the search result page. Along with this, there will be many functions in the Google Map app as well. So all the functions of Google My Business like messaging, chat, all these will be available in the Maps app.

Change 04

Talking about the fourth number, then the option to upload business photo etc will also be present on the search result page. This kind of carousel is visible in the demos that Google has given now. The option of managing reviews and questions and answers can also be found on the search result pages or it may also be present in the map.

Change 05

Number 5 is for chain businesses that are bulk verified listings. Or who have verified 10 or more listings in bulk. Google My Business Dashboard will be available for them but it will be renamed as Business Profile Manager. Chains businesses or bulk verified listings will also find these functions on the search results and in the Maps app. If they want, they can use this business profile manager. Or if you want, you can also use the Search Results app or Google Map’s app.

Change 06

Google My Business API has been renamed to Business Profile API at number six. The functions that were in the Google My Business API till now will remain the same, there will be no change in them. Only the name is being changed.

So these were the changes that Google has announced.

Google Business Profile Impact on Search Engine Optimization


The name change and the closure of the app will happen gradually over the coming few weeks. In Google Documents, Google Forum, the name will be removed from Google My Business but gradually. The name has changed in the Twitter handle of Google My Business

The position to appear on the Google My Business listing or the new name on the Google Business Profile search results page has not changed. That is, you will continue to get the business you were getting from Google till now.

You can keep your listing at the top in local search. Rather, you can increase the overall presence of your business.

Listing and online presence can increase your leads and their conversions. Whatever is seen will increase your income. Here we will tell you the Local Really Impact of Google Business Profile. By doing this you can increase your business margin.

Right now a test is going on by Google, in which instead of 3, 5 listings are shown on the Google search result page. So if Google launches or makes it live, then more and more businesses will benefit from it. Yes, finding new options can be a challenge, the positions of the options will change, their names will change, which will cause confusion.


In this way, it is decided to Google My Business changed to Google Business Profile, then you guys do not delay in taking its benefit. You can avail its benefits for your business for free. In your business profile, write the USP of your business i.e. Unique Selling Point. What is it about your business that makes it different from other businesses?

Inspire your customers to write long reviews so that more and more customers trust you. Apart from the photo of your store, you can also put an active photo, that is, a photo of your staff working. Photo of the meeting with your client but with the client’s permission.

The content of your website should be very strong and should also include call-to-action. Call to action leads to business. Add Google Map to your website with great love but at the same time mention the things of landmarks around you in your website in 5 steps.

Provide proof of your work on your website and also on your Google My Business listing. If you provide a service, you can enter where you have provided service in your local area.

So you can try all these options for your business. Apart from this, if you are looking to take any other services for your business, then you can go to our service page and select the Our Services according to you.

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