Mystic – Admin Dashboard XD Template

Mystic – Admin Dashboard XD Template

Mystic is a analytics high-quality XD Admin Portal template that is built with everyone in mind. Package Include 45+ Layered XD format pages that can help you customize how your admin Admin Portal will look, and you can adjust its design based on your needs. It has a clean, unique, and out of the box design that will make you want to work on your Admin Portal. With over a 1000 elements and components, not even the sky is the limit with Mystic. With user-friendly features developed to allow admins to easily achieve the design they are looking for, with no previous experience required and all located in an easy-to-find menu.

Mystic-Admin Dashboard XD Template
Mystic-Admin Dashboard XD Template

Product Features

  1. Crypto Currency – Light Page
  2. Crypto Currency – Dark Page
  3. Web Analytics – Vertical Page
  4. Web Analytics – Horizontal Page
  5. Social Media Admin Portal Page
  6. Email – App Page, Chat – App Page, To Do – App Page
  7. Basic Table Page, Data Table Page, Buttons Page, Alerts Page
  8. Badge Page, Pagination Page, Breadcrumbs Page
  9. Rating Page, Progress Bars Page
  10. Preloaders Page, Draggable Page
  11. Accordions Page, User Profile Page
  12. Portfolio Layout Page, FAQ Page

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